Acoustic Guitar Chords

You just landed on the acoustic guitar chords page! The acoustic guitar is one of the most popular instruments of all time. Working with an acoustic guitar can be harder than an electric guitar. It is very important that a quality acoustic is chosen to enable you to easily play chords and runs. Much of what is learned on the acoustic can easily be transferred to the electric guitar and vise versa.

Learning the major, minor, and seventh chords first are very important to your progress as an acoustic guitarist. If you need some help just click the text links for some nice refreshing chord charts. If your just getting started I would recommend checking out the beginner guitar chord charts page.

Well if your still reading then your ready to move on to some chords that were "made" for the acoustic... they sound great on the acoustic guitar. Most of the "acoustic" guitar chords I have categorized are simply made by lifting or adding a finger while using a common chord shape or moving its position on the neck. Some are even their own unique voicings. You may not like all of them at first but one you apply them for certain songs or chord substitutions you'll learn to love em. Once you get board with those check out my future pages on popular alternate acoustic tuning chords. But for now enjoy...

Soon to be a chart RIGHT HERE!

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