Guitar Chord Theory

Welcome to a players guide to guitar chord theory. Music theory in general can be confusing for both a beginning player and an advanced guitarist. In order to understand the greater complexities of the guitar it is important to understand some basics. So without getting to complex we'll see how chords are broken down using some basic music theory. We will start with the most basic of chords called a triad (meaning 3 notes) and move on from there.

*Beginners Note*If you’re just getting started with guitar I recommend reading through the pages in order and only continuing to the next page when you grasp the concept. It is important to take your time and always ask for help if you need it. A shaky foundation will crack when you start learning advanced concepts.

*Intermediates Note*Use the following pages as a reference point as needed.

*Advanced Note*Shoot me an email if you want to add something.

Step 1: Triads
Step 2: Minor Triads
Step 3: Diminished Triads
Step 4: Augmented Triads

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